Our large parts plant

BWB-Bürox AG possesses the most modern large parts anodising plant within the BWB Group. This guarantees the availability of all anodising processing and colouring processes for components for use in architecture which are standard in Europe. Our very wide range of different colorations is particularly popular with architects and designers: in natural colours or colourless, or in various brown-beige colour tones, grey tones through to black and a bright palette of other colour tones.

Your components - Our treatment

We offer sulphuric acid anodising, hard anodising and chromic acid anodising/chromic acid anodising for aircraft constructors. Altenrhein serves customers in aviation and aerospace, medical engineering and machine engineering.

Colours Architecture

Prozess maximum part size
L x W x D
Mechanical pre-treatments        
Grinding / Grinding-brushing   Quoted on request  
Brushing / Scotching   Quoted on request  
Polishing   Quoted on request  
Chemical pre-treatments        
Alkaline degreasing   8000 x 700 x 2800  
Etching / Matt etching   8000 x 700 x 2800  
Electrolytic surface conversions        
Anodising / Electrolytic oxidation   8000 x 700 x 2800  
Anodising to "British Standard" quality   8000 x 700 x 2800  
Anodising to "SSG Structural Glazing" quality   8000 x 700 x 2800  
Supplementary coloration processes        
Electrolytic coloration Colinal 3115 - 3180 8000 x 500 x 2800  
Adsorptive coloration Sanodal    
- Gold VSA 2 / VSA 2.5 / VSA 3 8000 x 400 x 2800  
- Bronze Nr. 3 / 4 / 5 / 21 8000 x 400 x 2800  
Surface post-treatments        
Anti-noise coatings   Quoted on request  
Film coating   Quoted on request  
Supplementary work in upstream or downstream process   Quoted on request  
Transport logistics   Internal and external