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Young entrepreneurs in Braşov

Novum meets Romania


Every year Novum Nidwalden – a club of young entrepreneurs – visits other international companies and partners to be inspired. This time their goal is BWB-Surface Technology SRL in Braşov Romania. It has in fact broadened its participant’s minds.

For the whole Novum group (21 persons) it was a first to explore Dracula’s home country and one of its major cities Braşov in the middle of the Carpathian Mountains. Stories and half-truths do not at all account to actual Romania. Streets are quite new and clean, Romanians are truly charming and hospitable. «A next journey will lead to Romania – my family needs to see this beautiful country. », Mario Schuler explains after the trip.

Hardly any European country has developed as successful as Romania in the past couple of years. The Novum tour through the state-of-the-art BWB coating plant also showed the progressive and highly organized side of Romanian industry. BWB Surface Technology SRL was put into operation in 2011. After implementing a most efficient and complete process and value chain, there are about 80 proud employees now working in a truly lean managed plant.

CEO of the BWB group Oliver Wunderlin and plant manager Robert Ciobotea welcomed the Novum group in the world of surface treatments at BWB Surface Technology SRL and even showed them around Premium AEROTEC with its highly complex assembly lines.

More about Novum in Romania

About BWB Surface Technology S.R.L. in Braşov:

The certified plant (EN9100, Nadcap) offers a variety of surface treatments for aerospace industry: TSA anodising, SAA anodising sulfuric acid, crack detection, wet coating system, organic coating of component surfaces. All treatments are free of heavy metals and fulfil recognised environmental standards.

BWB Surface Technology S.R.L. | Str. Hermann Oberth 30 | RO-507075 Ghimbav/Braşov/Judetul Braşov | +40 368 443 460 | |