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Titration Automation

Timely, Quality Construction with Titration Automation


BWB-Altenrhein AG carry out a wide variety of surface conversion procedures on components for architecture and design. At their laboratory, they rely on Mettler Toledo titration equipment to check the anodizing process for aluminum parts that, though rugged, satisfy requirements regarding function, aesthetics and corrosion protection.

During the anodization process, the parts are immersed in large baths containing ionic mixtures and subjected to electric current. To ensure the correct composition of each bath, pH and conductivity are measured frequently, and the concentrations of the various chemical constituents are regularly assessed with acid-base, redox or complexometric titrations.

In all, BWB-Altenrhein AG use as many as 70 titration methods. Their samples must be analyzed according to a tight schedule to ensure the anodization process occurs correctly, and these analyses are essential to their process control.

Figure 1. To automate BWB-Altenrhein AG's surface-finishing quality control, Mettler Toledo designed a system including an Excellence titrator, two InMotion autosamplers and a Liquid Handler (not shown).

To improve their efficiency, therefore, BWB-Altenrhein AG turned to Mettler Toledo for a fully automated solution that could capture data reliably even with the broad range of analyses necessary. In particular, they asked for a system that would require minimal operator intervention, yet complete their entire series of analyses within half a day.

"It took some time to set up, but now that it is running, it's a huge time-saver!", concludes Urs Scheuber responsible for Quality within BWB group.

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