Geistlich Areal – 24 mila baci residential construction project

Architecture adds definitive flair to hip estate with colour-anodised aluminium surfaces


The former Geistlich industrial complex in Schlieren is giving rise to a new estate of over 600 apartments, with the "24 mila baci" residential construction project significantly helping define the identity of the emerging residential area.

The building has two leafy interior courtyards and an access way featuring an exceptionally generous clearance height and a cascade of naturally lit internal roads, paths and squares. The exterior is an interplay of BWB Oberflächentechnik's anodic colours Argentan and Sandalor® Blue. The street-facing Argentan balconies provide an eye-catching contrast to the dark-blue façade. Meanwhile, pale gold is used extensively in the interior courtyard, providing a sense of friendly awakening as the first rays of sun hit. The matte-anodised aluminium reflects the sunlight, making for a pleasurable morning-coffee experience on the recessed balconies.

Image and illustration: Steib Gmür Geschwentner Kyburz Partner AG, Zürich

BWB Oberflächentechnik spent several months anodising over 7,000 sq m of aluminium sheets for the project. Two layers of sheets were set up for the anodic treatment, and were anodised right around the clock in the fully automatic 7.5-metre system. Through a series of immersion processes, the sheets were pickled, anodised, dyed and finally heat-compressed.

The bold use of a colour-anodised façade adds a distinctive flair to both the building's architecture and function. The aluminium exterior is non-fading and easy to clean, enabling the original character to be retained for decades. If the building is demolished down the track, virtually all the aluminium can be recycled without any loss of quality, and can thus be reused for a new project.

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