Anodising in product design

Decorative anodising for the highest demands in product design


Aluminium components can be finished in many ways. Decorative anodising processes are used when surfaces are required to meet both high visual and functional demands.

Colour diversity
Versatile, wearable, changeable and affordable – these are the core values of the Swiss jewellery label Step by Step, founded in 1994. The wide range of colours of the anodised aluminium components, which are lovingly handcrafted into timeless pieces of jewellery, also contributes to the versatility of the range.

To the BWB Surface technology colour chart


Product development
Maximum precision – product designer and founder of Ten Archery Georg Mattli aspired to nothing less. For his latest development, a precision accessory for "Olympic bows", the application and removal during anodising had to be defined in the micrometre range. The laser inscription on the dials of the handmade 500 piece series had to be no less precise, which BWB ensured with a custom-made mounting device. The result in Swiss watchmaking precision convinces the international archers.


Sub-eloxal printing
Sub-eloxal printing offers almost unlimited possibilities for surface design. In this special printing process, the printing ink is worked deep into the anodised coating. Stucki-Thun makes use of the BWB Surface technology process to provide its limited edition Deep Sea Rolls XL with unmistakable motifs and the company logo in a single work step.