Applied research in the BWB development laboratory


Innovative developments and increasing demands on the quality of coatings increasingly require the use of suitable measurement and analysis technology. New coatings for special customer requirements are developed and intensively tested in BWB Surface technology's state-of-the-art development laboratory in Stans-Oberdorf. The development team is striving to expand the laboratory equipment technology in a targeted manner in order to continue to meet the high demands in surface technology in the future. We provide our customers with analysis and development services on attractive terms with the following equipment technology:

Test facility
With the BWB Surface technology test facility, components can be individually coated and individual parameters specifically optimised until the coating properties are ideally matched to the respective application.

Digital measuring microscopy
A digital measuring microscope with a magnification of up to 1000x is used for the optical assessment of the coating. Surface structures can be precisely measured, quantified and qualified.

Hardness test
The coating hardness is determined by means of a hardness tester. This measures the coating hardness at a predefined measuring position in the cross section and calculates the hardness grades in Vickers. Component cross sections are produced using a table cutting machine with automatic cooling, a hot embedding press and an automatic grinding and polishing station.

Material analysis
The alloy of an aluminium component has a significant influence on the coating structure. The X-ray fluorescence analysis system (XRF) determines the chemical composition and identifies metal alloys within the standardised material classes. An additional measuring chamber also enables the reliable analysis of the smallest component samples.

Other measuring and testing technology
Corrosion resistance is tested with standardised tests in the salt spray chamber. In addition, various measuring systems for coating thickness measurement, for determining the sealing quality of anodised coatings, for determining the residual electrical conductivity, for wear and abrasion resistance and for chemical bath analysis are used for quality assurance. Long-term applications and extreme stresses can also be simulated with individually defined test series.

Challenge us with your individual requirements. We look forward to your enquiry and our collaborative development!

BWB Surface Technology
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