Anodised metal façades and window profiles

Anodised façades in District 5


Much of the urban growth in Zurich's District 5 in recent years has manifested in the form of aluminium-clad new buildings and conversion projects. The hip, culture-conscious District 5 boasts several buildings with anodised metal façades and highly contrasting window profiles.

In many of the buildings in Zurich-West, aluminium serves as a link to the past, and is usually retained as a material. Former industrial estates in the city's western end are today used for residential and commercial purposes. The Toni-Areal, with the Museum für Gestaltung (design museum), Zurich University of the Arts, and a 75-m-high apartment block, is just one of many striking examples. Standing just five metres taller right alongside is the Hard Turm Park high-rise building with anodised strip windows in dark Sandalor® turquoise. Loggias, panoramic windows and strip windows made from aluminium alternate with each other, adding rich contrasts.

Photo: Peter Ruggle

With its mix of education, cultural, commerce and residential use, District 5 has today become a lively, eclectic and high-density district – and it continues to grow, with two new primary-school buildings opened in 2019. The Pfingstweid school building features two different looks.

Photo: © LOSYS GMBH / 4B AG

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