Tom Dixons HYDRO Chair in iridescent Sandalor® Turquoise

Tom Dixon Studio

Tom Dixons HYDRO Chair in iridescent Sandalor® Turquoise


The HYDRO Chair is the product of a co-operation between British designer Tom Dixon and Norwegian aluminium company Hydro. The limited-edition chair was blow-moulded using superplastic forming. Originating in the automotive industry, the process is used to create highly complex shapes that, just a few years ago, seemed impossible to achieve. Tom Dixon's chair thus acquires the necessary rigidity and firmness with a balloon-like pattern.

The resulting design appears soft and playful in contrast with the metal. In keeping with the pop-art style, BWB Surface technology has been refining the prototypes in dazzling Sandalor® turquoise S160-3.


Video: Colour anodising Tom Dixons Hydro Chair



Photos: Before and after colouring with Sandalor Turquoise S160-3 at the BWB-Altenrhein AG anodising plant.

Swissbau, the leading trade fair for the Swiss construction industry, is showcasing the exclusive dyeing process twice: on Tom Dixon's HYDRO chair and as part of the Color Collection 02. In addition to Sandalor® turquoise, the fresh BWB colour collection and exhibition also focus on three other attractive shades: