Opfikon swimming pool

Opfikon swimming pool

The right choice of materials is crucial when it comes to swimming pool construction


Permanently high temperatures and humidity as well as water with enriched chemicals increase corrosive effects on metals. Both functional and aesthetic aspects were taken into account when the materials for the Opfikon swimming pool were chosen.

Permalux P4 offers maximum protection for the aluminium window profiles within the aggressive swimming pool environment. At the same time, the dark colouring provides attractive contrasts inside the glass façade.

Permalux colours are created during the anodising process and are exceptionally hard, resilient and resistant to corrosion. The integral colouring process is ideal for applications in particularly prominent locations.

Images: RLC AG – Daniel Graber

"During the refurbishment of the outdoor and indoor swimming pool, RLC understood how to align the facility with the needs of our user groups and, at the same time, enhance it architecturally. Our guests are delighted with the new 'leisure pool'." Peter Pfluger, Operations Manager, Opfikon swimming pool

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