Relish Guitars Platinum Edition

Relish Guitars Platinum Edition


When Switzerland went into lockdown in spring 2020, Silvan Küng of Relish Guitars set about developing the Platinum Limited Collection 2021. His aim was to create four exquisite individual pieces whose perfection would delight the guitar world.

He drew inspiration from the innovative design of the Mary model, which has a special body featuring a freely vibrating sheet of aluminium sandwiched between two highly compressed veneers. This design optimises the sound and facilitates access to the replaceable pickups.

The limited edition, whose veneers boast high-gloss finishes, also needed to shine resplendent inwardly. So the aluminium parts were soon sent to BWB in Stans-Oberdorf, located 30 minutes from Relish's headquarters in Sempach, where they were cut and polished and refined with four anodised colours.

Gil Brunner, production manager at BWB-Betschart AG, tested the guitar last week and said, 'An exquisite piece – the neck of the guitar fits perfectly in the hand, the materials are first-class, and the craftsmanship is simply flawless. Top Swiss quality.'

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