Hard anodising in oversize


Aerolite is a leading provider of medical equipment in helicopters and aircrafts. With innovative systems certified for aviation, the company offers customised solutions for rescue services such as Rega. Airplanes and helicopters from Pilatus, Leonardo and Airbus are regularly equipped with Aerolite devices whose components are refined by BWB.

Photo: Permalux anodised integral floor from the company Aerolite

An integral part of Aerolite systems are the machined integrated floors. These are aluminium assemblies for helicopter floors that provide attachment points for custom equipment, rescue stretchers and seats. The milled parts in lightweight construction meet the requirements of aviation, are extremely robust and durable.

To withstand mechanical stress and be protected against corrosion, the integrated floors are hard anodised. While most hard anodising systems proved too small for the components, BWB-Altenrhein's special Permalux hard anodising process was availabe for components up to 7500 x 1200 x 2200 mm.

But how do the coating properties of Permalux compare to other available hard anodised coatings? The BWB laboratory investigated this question and subjected the surfaces of customer components to a hardness test. The test values of the Permalux coating on the alloy EN AW-6082 are impressive: The coating hardness is 20% higher than conventional GSX hard anodised coatings and after 168 hours of salt spray testing, no corrosion spots appear. 

Integral floor before the coating process
Integral floor with Permalux coating

Permalux combines aesthetics with maximum resistance to mechanical and chemical influences. For applications in aviation, mechanical engineering and architecture. Are you also looking for the best protection for your project? We will be happy to advise you.

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