Alu Akademie: Further training in aluminium as a material

Alu Akademie: Further training in aluminium as a material


Every year, the Swiss Aluminium Association offers interested participants the opportunity to undertake further training at the Alu Academy. The six one-day modules cover topics relating to aluminium as a material, ranging from production to surface treatment to sustainability. The course content is aimed at those working in the metal and aluminium industry.

With nearly 20 participants, there was great demand for this year's modules. In addition to theory components, the programme also includes theme-based factory tours. 'The factory tours combine the theory, which is taught by way of clear demonstrations and illustrations, with the reality of the working world. I would particularly recommend the training for people changing careers', says Heidi Riebli, who works in the Production Planning department of BWB-Betschart AG in Stans.

Marcel Menet, responsable de cours Alu Akademie, transmet ses connaissances spécialisées aux participants.

On the first day of the training course, Aluminium Laufen AG opened its doors and gave participants insights into the processes involved with producing cast parts and aluminium profiles. Everyone was struck by the heat from the smelting furnaces, in which aluminium scraps are made into new material.

The forging hammers at Imbach & CIE also left a lasting impression, using tremendous force to shape metal blanks into components. These insights into industrial operations in Nebikon served to supplement the theory content of module 2 on 'Production of semi-finished parts and recasting'.

Teamwork is required when preparing the blanks, which are later rolled into seamless rings.