Strong partner: Nehlsen-BWB proves its reliability


COVID-19 restrictions, disrupted supply chains, production stoppages and high raw-material prices continue to impede economic growth in some sectors. Amidst the fall-out of the pandemic, Nehlsen-BWB Flugzeug-Galvanik Dresden GmbH & Co. KG has been awarded its first ever CrefoZert credit-rating certificate for its outstanding credit rating and stability.

'Turbulent times call for proactive responses: The Creditreform credit-rating certificate creates trust among customers, suppliers and staff', says a pleased CEO Birgit Fischer, who adds that 'only 2% of all businesses in Germany hold this certificate of exceptional credit-rating. And we're one of them!'

Birgitt Fischer and Eckehard Thuß receive CerfoZert 2021 for Nehlsen-BWB Flugzeug-Galvanik Dresden

The company's focus at its Dresden facility is on specialist surface refinements and coatings for aviation applications, mostly for aircraft manufacturer Airbus, in compliance with the strictest of regulations and standards.

'Every day, around 250 orders from Airbus suppliers and other customers, such as Pilatus and Bombardier, are processed,' says co-CEO Eckehard Thuss, describing the activities in Dresden.


After a fire in 2018, the company invested over eight million euros in a new multi-process machine. After construction, completion and certification, large customer parts with a maximum workpiece size of 5000 x 800 x 1800mm (L x W x H) can now undergo surface treatment to the highest technical standards.

Nehlsen-BWB has proven to be a trustworthy partner not only in surface technology, but also in terms of management.

About the CerfoZert credit-rating certificate