A lightweight-looking shell despite corners and edges


A new residential and commercial space is being created right at Giessenpark, between the River Glatt and Überlandstrasse. The bronze-coloured Giessenturm is part of this project. The high-rise building with subtly staggered look contains over 300 apartments, while the four-level base structure features 60 full-service aged-care units, as well as a restaurant, multi-purpose space and commercial space.


Photos: Roland Hof via Geilinger AG

The cohesively stylish façade makes it easy to forget the logistical challenge that was the entire process from design to assembly: Metalworkers pre-assembled building components, including glass façades, outdoor blinds, railings and blinds, to create 1254 façade, corner and recessed-balcony elements. 800 different types had to be made, and 131 recessed balconies were designed in 26 versions. Framed façade elements anodised in BWB Bronze and featuring varying widths vibrantly fit together to create a harmonious whole, the result being an elegant, lightweight-looking building shell.

'A homogenous, directionless mesh of façades spans both building parts to form a single sculptural unit. The mesh and filling act as the main façade components. Fill elements functioning as windows, guardrails and closed panels interact with the mesh through colour, surface and spatial graduation, their homogeneity allowing them to blend subtly into the background.' atelier ww Architekten SIA AG, Zurich

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