Stay curious and open to change


BWB Surface technology in Stans is currently training four students in the roles of multi-skilled mechanic, surface and mechanical trainee, commercial clerk and – as a new addition this summer – ICT specialist. What does an ICT specialist do? And when will they be starting at BWB?

ICT training at BWB

Beni Roth is a platform developer who runs the ICT training. He describes the course as 'training to become a professional support worker with broad IT knowledge.' ICT specialists install hardware and software, instruct users, and assist with all other matters. BWB's aspiring ICT specialist will be starting their three-year course in early August 2022, with the focus being on humans and communication, in addition to the actual technological aspects. 'The trainee needs to be able to put themselves in other people's shoes and discuss things at their level – regardless of position or role', says Beni.

Beni Roth with fellow team member Michael Arnold (right)

Beni has been working in BWB's IT department since 2021. He services all of the company's branches across Switzerland and is always on the move. He can work from anywhere, and can quickly be called on remotely online or by telephone. 'I make sure every single employee is able to work the way they need to', he explains. The primary focus is on ensuring the security, performance and availability of the entire IT environment. He manages and develops the platform so that all resulting applications operate correctly. His recommendation to both his trainees and BWB users is 'focus on the moment. Stay curious and open to change. You'll never learn all there is to know; even at the age of 65 we'll be learning new things.'





Full interview with Beni Roth:

Beni, this summer marks the start of the three-year apprenticeship as an ICT professional at BWB, tell us a bit about the new apprenticeship?

It's an apprenticeship to become a professional IT supporter and a budding small platform developer: the apprentice acquires a wide range of IT knowledge and learns about various applications. The focus is on dealing with networks, with hardware and software, and with the people behind the PCs.

What characteristics does a young person ideally bring with them for this apprenticeship?

It is a communicative personality with good empathy. The apprentice should be able to empathise with others and pick them up in conversation – at all levels and functions. The person has a flair for technology or the willingness to expand this. Understanding, patience and a willingness to help are also part of the equation.

To what extent does the new training counteract the shortage of skilled workers?

The academic and cognitive requirements are somewhat lower than for previous IT apprenticeships. It is thus accessible to a broader student body. It offers a solid entry into the ICT world and provides opportunities for further training.

How does the new apprentice start and when will we hear him on the support phone?

Oleksii Progano starts on 2 August and will first familiarise himself with the company. In a first step, he will answer telephone enquiries and get to know our staff and their activities. We will inform internally again in the summer via the IT newsletter.

Where are the more difficult moments as a trainer?

I'm good at answering questions. It's in my nature as a patient and sociable person. Time management becomes demanding: I want to take enough time for the trainee, create an optimal introductory programme, find instructive examples and choose the right specialisations.

What do you want to pass on to the trainees in addition to the school material?

My drive and motivation is the motto "Live the search" from the surfing world. Live the search. Focus on the moment. Stay curious and open to change. You never stop learning, even at 65 we will learn new things. This is true for all of us, not only for young people.