Perma processes in action


In addition to the two established Permalux and Permabronze processes, BWB has also been offering the innovative Permacolor and Permagrey processes for some two years now.


The green and blue tones of the Permacolor process are not produced by colour pigments but by a specific light-scattering layer structure. The resulting colours change depending on the viewing angle, incidence of light and geometry of the aluminium façade.
The Schlossbad Neumarkt water park particularly accentuates the properties of these finishes with three-dimensionally shaped sheet-metal façades made by Fielitz GmbH.


Read the Schlossbad reference report



The Permagrey coating permanently combines the aluminium's alloying elements with the anodised layer, giving the finish an anthracite-coloured hue. It emphasises the graining of the rolled structure, which in turn gives rise to Permagrey's unique properties.
One project in which G77Ac metal sheets coated in Permagrey look particularly effective is the Bonaduz semi-detached house.

Semi-detached house in Bonaduz


Color Collection 01

The two innovative Perma processes are part of Color Collection 01. Secure your sample box now at