Lustre and shine for the medical-technology industry


"Plasma polishing is our latest surface treatment. It is used for surfaces requiring the highest standards of quality and purity. As such, this particularly gentle process has already wowed countless Swiss med-tech customers", says Serge Wainsenker, managing director of BWB-Ampho.

BWB-Ampho has been offering the innovative method since spring 2020. The amount of orders coming in following the plasma-polishing system's launch exceeded all expectations, particularly from the medical-technology industry, where quality standards are especially high. These quality requirements are ascertained, monitored and continuously improved through robust processes established under ISO 13485.

When manufacturing replacement hip joints, for instance, electrolytic plasma polishing boasts a number of advantages over classic electropolishing: "Our customers value the surface purity and geometric fidelity, both of which are preserved thanks to minimal amounts of the coating being stripped off. This makes it possible to treat even complex or delicate components optimally", Wainsenker adds. 

The gentle process is also extraordinarily efficient, with hip joints able to be polished, deburred and cleaned in a single operation. Rinsing with water will suffice as a post-treatment, as the process does not involve any substances harmful to the environment.

"We focused a lot on electrolytic plasma polishing prior to the investment, and are now one of just a few providers in Switzerland. As such, we receive orders from all over Switzerland", reveals Wainsenker, before adding, "the process is ideal for medical-technology applications. The treated parts are protected against corrosion, have a smooth, easy-to-clean surface, and are guaranteed to be free from any sharp corners and edges."


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Serge Wainsenker
Director BWB-Ampho
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