Bronze TCS head office with anodised aluminium shell


Spanning a total area of 12,500 sq m, the centrally located office block next to Ostermundigen train station provides an attractive working environment: bright spaces, warm materials, leafy outdoor terraces and state-of-the-art building systems. 560 Touring Club Switzerland employees have been working here since 2021.

The new building's design was not geared around its specific use, ensuring it could be used flexibly over the long term, including by future tenants. The ground floor has public access, and provides space for dining and shops, including the already-opened Migros outlet.

The bronze façade elements in BWB-Colinal 3145 and Permalux P4 are a nod to the former industrial estate and the nearby railway tracks in terms of material and design. The vertical pilaster strips add texture to the approximately-100-metre-long building, whose large glass frontage reflects the surrounds.

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Photos: Losys GmbH