Clear lines and elegant colours: dream kitchens in aluminium


Whether for façades or interiors: anodised aluminium surfaces are versatile in architecture. Easy to clean and durable, the lightweight material is also ideal for high-quality kitchens.

100% swiss made
With great attention to detail, Lehni plans first-class kitchens according to the individual needs of its customers. In addition to planning, production is also carried out with the highest standards of quality. The construction is well thought-out: two folded metal sheets form the front panelling and handle strip, fitting precisely into each other. The uniform design in the well-known simple Lehni look with its anodised surface is an eye-catcher. There is a wide range to choose from, from discreet Colinal to strong Sandalor colours.

"Anodised aluminium is ideal for the kitchen area, it can be cleaned easily and is absolutely hygienic and odourless," says Lehni about the elegant aluminium surfaces.

Eye-catcher in the Lehni showroom in Dübendorf - anodised kitchen in an elegant Sandalor colour shade
Pictures: Lehni AG
Wide variety of colours

The two-stage Sandalor process is a colouring process specially developed for architecture. At the same time, the surface has high mechanical resistance and allows colouring in iridescent colours in five brightness shades each.
You can find all 25 SANDALOR colour shades online at: www.bwb.ch/colours


BWB Architekturwerk Altenrhein is the exclusive Sandalor licensee for Switzerland and anodises in the Sandalor colour shades for interior and exterior use.

Do you have any questions about the Sandalor process?

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