Unterengstringen Community Hall

Object: Unterengstringen Community Hall, Dorfstrasse 13, 8103 Unterengstringen
Client: Politische Gemeinde Unterengstringen ZH
Construction management: Allreal Generalunternehmung AG, Zurich
Architects: Tilla Theus und Partner AG, Zurich 
Façade planning: Scherrer Metec AG, Zurich
Façade construction: Scherrer Metec AG, Zurich
Completion: 2017

BWB finish: Etching – with matte effect E6
BWB procedure: BWB-Colinal 3165 and Sandalor Red (C62-2)

Architect Tilla Theus opted for colour-anodised aluminium, a light, durable and maintenance-free material, as punched wooden shuttering as used in the old hay barns is not durable enough. "Shapes of the ploughshare and vine knife were lasered out of the metal shingles. Then, the punctual and invisible mounting of the metal elements on the underlying façade level was crucial in the process", comments the metal construction company Scherrer Metec AG.

Photos: Luca Zanier