Musée d’ethnographie de Genève – MEG

Object: Musée d'ethnographie de Genève - MEG, Boulevard Carl-Vogt 65-67, 1205 Genf
Client: City of Genf, Department of Buildings and Urban Planning
Architects: Graber Pulver Architekten AG, Zürich / Bern
Façade planning: Mebatech Ingenieurbüro für Metallbautechnik AG, Baden
Façade construction: Sottas SA, Bulle
Completion: 2014

BWB finish: Etching – with matte effect E6
BWB procedure: BWB-Colinal 3115

The Musée d'ethnographie in Geneva, known as the MEG for short, attracts art lovers, but also photographers and tourists from all over the world. Soaring skyward and tapering dramatically, the geometric design with projecting metal roof gives the MEG building its own special charm and uniqueness. The bronze anodised surface protects the façade elements against corrosion, and the aluminium's metal structure is also preserved.

Documentation from the City of Geneva

Photos: MEG, B. Glauser