Migros St. Gallen-Bruggen

Object: Migros St. Gallen-Bruggen, Fürstenlandstrasse 159, 9014 St. Gallen
Client: Genossenschaft Migros Ostschweiz, Gossau
Architects: Innoraum AG, Frauenfeld
System planner and supplier: GFT Fassaden AG, St. Gallen
Façade construction: Ammann & Thürlemann, Zuzwil
Completion: 2017

BWB finish: Etching – with matte effect E6
BWB procedure: BWB-Bronze

The façade of the Migros St. Gallen-Bruggen was clad in individually extruded design profiles, its irregular, undulating shape reminiscent of curtain drapes.
Careful roofing and sheet-metal work was performed to finish the window railings, soffits and other wall claddings in bent aluminium flashings, keeping consistent with the Migros colour scheme in the anodised shade of BWB Bronze.

Photos: Dirk Podbielski ©GFT Fassaden AG