School and sports complex "Cossy" Nyon

Object: School and sports complex "Cossy" Nyon
Client: City of Nyon
Architects: Itten Brechbühl, Lausanne
Façade construction: Hevron SA, Courtételle, ceiling plates via Plafontmetal SA, Mont-sur-Lausanne
Completion: 2014

BWB finish: Etching – with matte effect E6
BWB procedure: BWB-Brass 2

Photos: BWB surface technology

The Cossy school and sports complex is located northwest of Nyon, in a smooth transition between the "Parc du Cossy" and the "Petite Prairie" residential district. In three separate buildings, it comprises a primary school with extracurricular supervision including a school restaurant, a multifunctional sports hall and a swimming pool.

Exposed wooden beam structures characterise the interior of the sports hall and swimming pool, while the elongated school building consists of an exposed concrete structure. The three pavilions are architecturally united by the golden façade of aluminium slats and interact directly with the surrounding green spaces.