Acher Mitte school building

Object: Acher Mitte school building, Alte Landstrasse 10, 6314 Unterägeri
Client: Unterägeri municipal government
Architects: Archetage AG, Baar
Façade planning: Q-Face GmbH, Hünenberg See
Façade construction: Gerber & Gadola Fassaden AG, Cham
System supplier: GFT Fassaden AG, St. Gallen
Completion: 2022

BWB finish: Etching – with matte effect E6
BWB procedure: BWB-Colinal 3115; BWB-Permalux 4

The Unterägeri municipal government was facing the challenge of renovating a 1950s gymnasium while also creating new primary-school spaces without encroaching on the school grounds' outdoor areas. The project conceived by the Archetage architectural firm boasts a three-level school wing constructed out of timber and positioned atop the new gymnasium.
An aluminium façade in the timeless anodised shades of Colinal and Permalux lastingly protects the timber structure from weathering, while large windows and semi-transparent slatting ensure lots of internal light and a fun overall appearance.

Photos: Gerber & Gadola Fassaden AG