• Anodising / electrolytic oxidation

    Exact dimensional anodising / electrolytic oxidation meets various requirements for décor, function and corrosion protection.

  • Hard anodising

    Hard anodised coatings are especially hard, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and basically thicker compared with other processes.

  • Ematal-coating / hard ematal-coating

    Whether mass production or individual parts, at the Schlieren plant, BWB-Betschart AG offers Ematal and hard Ematal processes, as well as hard anodising.

  • Plasma & electrochemical polishing

    The surfaces of plasma-electrolytic-polished and electrochemically polished components boast maximum purity, lasting corrosion-resistance, and a fine,...

  • Painting / Varnishing

    Our selection of varnishes and colours range from specialised varnishes and highly weather resistant, self-cleaning fluoropolymer coatings to the full...

  • Electroplating

    The requirements for surface treatment and finishing are diverse and range from corrosion and wear resistance through to current conductivity and optical...

  • Assembly

    To ensure the best solution is achieved, we assist our customers throughout the entire development and production process.
    And our range of services...

  • CNC machining of aluminium

    Machining aluminium is our passion, and very long parts are our speciality. We are your partner for profile and long part machining, CNC milling and 3D...

  • Laser engraving / sub-anodized printing

    Whether it's permanent laser marking for traceability or putting a logo on work piece, laser engraving offers many different personalisation options.