Colour anodising

Colour anodising

The colour anodising of aluminium enables sustainable colouring of aluminium workpieces while preserving the metallic surface.

In colour anodising, a distinction is made between absorptive and electrolytic colouring. In absorptive colouring, colour pigments are deposited into the pores of the anodised layer after anodisation. In electrolytic colouring, the metal-forming salts are already incorporated during layer composition.

In architecture, it is primarily electrolytic or combined colouring processes that are used due to the high lightfastness.
On the other hand, product design predominantly uses organic colouring processes that offer a wide range of bright and signal colours.


Besides the colour, the surface structure also influences the appearance of the aluminium surface. BWB offers a number of pre-treatments that give the workpiece the right structure and the desired shine:


Colour anodising for architecture / interior architecture:

  • Sheets and profiles up to 7 metres long
  • Four exclusive Perma processes (Permabronze, Permalux, Permacolor, Permagrey)
  • Sandalor® colours (exclusive licence holder for Switzerland)
  • Colinal colouring process (bronze shades 3105, 3145, 3165, 3175, 3178. 3180, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5)
  • Colour chart in architecture


Colour anodising for product design:


Anodised parts can be subsequently marked, inscribed or embellished with logos using laser engraving.

Laser engraving

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