Colour anodising


Anodic aluminium oxidation is BWB Surface technology's core competency. The registered Pralox® process goes one step further, microprofiling the aluminium surface in a customised manner based on special, reproducible methods prior to oxidation, giving Pralox®-treated aluminium parts more aesthetically attractive and functionally sophisticated, tailor-made coatings.

This high-tech surface treatment can have finishes ranging from matte to glossy – and there is also a vast colour palette to choose from for the dyeing process. The resulting ceramic coatings are much more resistant to mechanical and chemical wear.

Pralox® facilitates strong, functional, non-reflective surfaces, controlled surface tension, chemical and mechanical resistance, and a broader range of materials than classic anodising.

The Pralox® process unlocks new areas of application in medical technology, optics, electronics and design, as well as in other exacting fields.


Components refined with Pralox® can be marked, labelled or applied with logos later on via laser marking.

Laser engraving

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