Boathouse door

Object: Boathouse, Zug
Client: Private
Architecture: Stücheli Pestalozzi Schiratzki Architects, Zurich
Completion: 2023
Pictures: Stücheli Pestalozzi Schiratzki Architects, Zurich

BWB process: Colorless EV1
BWB finish: Decorative blasting

#Architecture #Midland #Natural clay 

Ansprechperson Beitrag

Daniel Oertle

Division Manager Architecture


Artful renewal

A geometric pattern, inspired by the shape of the roof and the natural stones of the boathouse, adorns the new gate. Milled from aluminium and anodized in a clear finish, the ornament looks like a textile curtain. The contrast between the blasted surface and the rough sandstone creates an exciting look.

Anodized aluminium is ideal for outdoor applications and, in this case, in water, as it is corrosion-resistant, durable and easy to clean. The elegant, uniform appearance perfectly matches the historic character of the boathouse while offering modern style. The anodized surface also protects against scratches and wear and tear, ensuring that the door retains its aesthetic quality in the long term.

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