Parish hall Unterengstringen

Object: Community center Unterengstringen, Dorfstrasse 13, 8103 Unterengstringen
Client: Political municipality of Unterengstringen ZH
Construction management: Allreal Generalunternehmung AG, Zurich
Architecture: Tilla Theus und Partner AG, Zurich
Facade planning: Scherrer Metec AG, Zurich
Facade construction: Scherrer Metec AG, Zurich
Completion: 2017
Pictures: Luca Zanier

BWB finish: Etching – with matte effect E6
BWB process: BWB-Colinal 3165 and Sandalor Red (C62-2)

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Anodised facade by Tilla Theus

Tilla Theus specializes in the design and execution of new buildings in challenging urban contexts. With intellect and imagination, she brings buildings steeped in history into the present day. This was also the case in Unterengstringen, where the decision was made to build a new community center in place of the existing barn. The long gable and the generous entrance area with canopy are reminiscent of the previous building. The architect designed a replacement building with a similar volume but a completely new, unusual shell: anodized aluminum shingles with the emblems of the municipal coat of arms.

Tilla Theus opted for lightweight, durable and maintenance-free aluminum, since punched wooden formwork, as used in the old hay barns, is not durable enough.

“Shapes of plowshares and vine knives were laser cut from the metal shingles. Then it was a matter of mounting the metal elements on the underlying façade level – selectively and invisibly,” says metal construction company Scherrer Metec AG, explaining the project.

"We follow the traces of history - like detectives," Tilla Theus explains her work. In this way, the building reveals its secrets and what changes are possible to it, adds the Grisons architect in a recently published interview in the magazine Espazium.

To the video contribution "Women in the executive chairs of culture!" with architect Tilla Theus:

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