Triangle apartment building

Project: Triangel apartment building, Aegerisaumweg, Zug
Client: Kino Hürlimann AG, Zug
Architecture: Jezewska Elsohn Architektur GmbH, Zurich
Completion: 2023
Pictures: Géraldine Recker

BWB procedure: BWB Permagreen 1
BWB finish: E6, chemically matted

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Ansprechperson Beitrag

Daniel Oertle

Division Manager Architecture


Lively atmosphere

The new replacement building on Aegerisaumweg in Zug is an outstanding example of successful integration into the surrounding landscape. The horizontal layering of the storeys and the design of the surrounding balconies cleverly accentuate the steepness of the topography. The use of greenery creates a harmonious connection to the rich vegetation in the surrounding area.

The choice of anodized aluminium not only allows it to blend in aesthetically with the ground, but also creates a seamless blend with the surrounding garden landscape. Thanks to the innovative Permagreen process, a surface with a subtle iridescent look is created, which shows subtle color variations depending on the viewing angle and thus creates a lively atmosphere.


The green and blue tones of the Permacolor process are not produced by color pigments, but by a specific light-scattering layer structure with metal salt inclusions. The resulting color tone changes depending on the viewing angle, the position of the sun and the design of the aluminum surface. The resulting color variations give the façade a particularly lively appearance.


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