The Pemalux process offers outstanding protection for aluminium components by preserving them from weathering for decades. The particularly hard anodised coating from Permalux is characterised by a timeless inherent colour and allows maximum design freedom for sophisticated architectural projects.

Exclusive Permalux

When anodising aluminium, the natural oxidation of the surface is specifically influenced to create a robust protective layer. This protective layer consists exclusively of oxygen and aluminium and preserves the authentic character of the base material.
The Permalux oxide layer impresses with its lightfast inherent colouring, which is available in four colour gradations.

Timeless elegance

The warm colour nuances of the Permalux process are reminiscent of the glamour of times gone by. In contrast to other bronze-coloured materials, the radiance of colour-anodised aluminium remains intact and effective for decades. Permalux finished surfaces can be used to create multifaceted architecture that retains the natural character of aluminium. How fitting is the quote from style icon Audrey Hepburn: "Elegance is the only beauty that never fades."

Inspirations and references

Whether as a façade panel, as a striking pilaster strip or as a dark window surround, Permalux finished surfaces combine aesthetics, functionality and maximum durability.

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Sample order

We will be happy to send you the four Permalux colour shades. From Permalux P1 to Permalux P4, all A4 samples have a high-quality sanding structure. You can order more Permalux patterns in matt finish E6 here:

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