Facade refurbishment at Ottiger Specialties

Object: Production building Ottiger Spezialitäten AG, Ballwil
Architects: Robert Iten Architekturbüro, Dietikon
Completion: 1988
Facade refreshment: 2018
Facade cleaning: HITZ Fassadenpflege AG
Pictures: BWB Surface Technology

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Daniel Oertle

Division Manager Architecture


After three decades, Ottiger Spezialitäten AG in Ballwil, Lucerne, is refreshing its aluminium facade. The natural “shine” of the aluminium becomes visible again over a large area with professional cleaning. An aluminium facade is timeless and remains modern.

Since 1988 Ottiger Specialties have been producing homemade jams, jellies, pestos and sauces in Ballwil. Even traditional cheeses are lovingly made by hand here. All this has been done for 32 years in the purpose-built production hall with anodised aluminium facade.

This shines again in new splendor after a professional cleaning. It is impressive how the thirty-year-old facade has retained its metallic character and now looks like new again.

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In conversation with Katja Ottiger, Managing Director of Ottiger Spezialitäten AG

What effort did you put into maintaining the exterior façade over the years?

Katja Ottiger: Until the professional cleaning, the effort was minimal. Situationally, soiled areas of the anodised aluminium facade were cleaned with water and detergent. The most important thing here is to rinse off the rinsing water completely.

Were you aware that the outer shell of your production house is made of anodised aluminium?

Katja Ottiger: We knew that the facade was made of anodised aluminium. What we didn't know was how durable and low-cost to maintain such a product is. This choice of material is always worthwhile in the construction of facades. It's nice that the natural "shine" of the aluminium has become visible again over a large area with the professional cleaning. The facade is timeless and remains modern.

What is the process of cleaning an aluminium facade?

Katja Ottiger: It pays to hire cleaning specialists for anodised aluminium facades. Several companies offered the facade refreshment and subsequently cleaned a test area. We opted for a slightly more expensive cleaning service. The end result was decisive: the anodised aluminum facade reappeared in new splendor after the test cleaning and stood out from the other suppliers.

How do you like the end result of the facade cleaning at Ottiger Spezialitäten AG?

Katja Ottiger: The effort was definitely worth it. The matt-glossy result of the exterior facade is again in line with the quality promise to our customers.

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