Highly resistant self-colouring Permalux

The Permalux process impresses with a particularly hard anodised layer on aluminium components with a timeless inherent color. A building envelope coated with Permalux looks elegant, is extremely hard-wearing and highly resistant to corrosion. Immerse yourself in the world of BWB and find out more about the exclusive Permalux process.

Exclusive Permalux

The durable colouring of aluminium components is achieved through unique dipping processes. The Permalux process uses a multi-stage electrochemical oxidation process to create a particularly hard anodised layer with a timeless inherent colour.

Timeless elegance

The warm colour nuances of the Permalux process are reminiscent of the glamour of times gone by. In contrast to other bronze-coloured materials, the radiance of color-anodised aluminium remains intact and effective for decades. Permalux finished surfaces can be used to create multifaceted architecture that retains the natural character of aluminium. How fitting is the quote from style icon Audrey Hepburn: "Elegance is the only beauty that never fades."

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