Aluminum housing as a trademark

For over 35 years, PIEGA has been building and developing high-end loudspeakers to perfection. The collectors' items are manufactured in Switzerland. The unmistakable aluminum housings are the trademark of the family-owned company based in Horgen on Lake Zurich. Aluminum offers a number of advantages: It is light, has high strength and can be processed in a variety of ways. This allows complex cabinet shapes to be realized, which have a positive effect on the sound.

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Ansprechperson Beitrag

Thomas Furger

Manager Mechanical Processing


Insight into the production

In the Stans plant of BWB Oberflächentechnik, the PIEGA housing parts are milled, inscribed, ground and anodised. CNC machining requires several operations with nearly twenty different tools. These remove material, round edges and mill threads. The smallest cutter, half a millimeter in diameter, draws the logo into the surface.

More than anodising

"Parts up to a dimension of 3'000x600x700mm can be machined on our CNC machines. A machining center with automatic loading system enables efficient machining of small to large series," says Thomas Furger, head of the mechanical department at BWB-Betschart AG. His team offers finished aluminum components from a single source - from material procurement to mechanical processing and surface finishing.

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