Cult SIGG drinking bottles individually anodised

Who does not know them? The aluminum drinking bottles from SIGG are known far beyond the Swiss border. Several generations associate the iconic utensil with experiences of today and the past. Whether on a school trip, hiking in the mountains or at work: SIGG bottles have been faithful companions on adventures big and small for over 100 years.

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Ansprechperson Beitrag

Pablo Stettler

Art Department


The traditional company attaches great importance to sustainability, environmental awareness and innovation. Thus, the collaboration between BWB Surface Technology and SIGG Switzerland Bottles AG has resulted in a unique project: Over a thousand anodized and hand-dyed drinking bottles.

The colorful drinking bottles are, like all SIGG bottles, with a BPA-free protective coating. This guarantees food safety and increases the resistance of the surface. "The production was definitely a highlight for us as well," says production manager Gerald Wernet, "because never before has our production line been so colorfully populated."

About the company SIGG

SIGG stands for quality and perfection. The traditional company emphasizes sustainability, innovation and environmental awareness and has done so for years. Today, the entire aluminum bottle collection is climate-neutral. Back then, over 60 years ago, the SIGG bottle was developed with sustainability in mind. The success story of the Swiss aluminum drinking bottle began with the recycling of aluminum residues from the production of pots and pans.

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