Handmade motorbike glasses with visible precision

Manufactured in the Zurich Oberland, the high-tech motorcycle glasses from Mirage Swiss Spirit stand for first-class craftsmanship and precision. BWB Surface Technology finishes the aluminium spectacle frames in Grosshöchstetten with a highly resistant Pralox coating.

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The aluminum frames of the motorcycle glasses are manufactured from a single piece on 5 axes, which guarantees maximum dimensional stability and value retention. While the retro “Monte Ceneri” model is then coated in a matt finish, the “Gotthard” and “Klausen” motorcycle glasses also shine in red, orange and blue shades. Pralox coatings are suitable for applications with the highest aesthetic requirements and are easy to clean.

The ultra-light Mirage Swiss Spirit glasses offer clear all-round vision with maximum comfort. The temples are made of the finest stainless spring steel and can be worn under the motorcycle helmet without pressure points. Technology that you can see and feel.

"Our eyewear combines traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology and not only offers protection for motorcyclists, but is also an expression of precision and technical sophistication," explains Managing Director Kurt Hefti proudly.

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