High-quality, filigree soldered connection

Brazing under inert gas is a high-quality brazing technique used in the watch industry and medical technology for joining particularly high-quality metals such as gold, platinum, stainless steel and titanium.

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Jennifer Nau

Operations Manager


Overall, brazing under inert gas enables the production of high-quality, filigree connections that meet the high demands of the watch industry and medical technology. The joining technology preserves the properties of the materials used and offers high reliability and durability in the finished products.

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Competence center for precious metals

The BWB-Ampho factory is located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, in the heart of the Swiss watch industry. As a supplier to the watch and jewelry industry, the plant specializes in the assembly of small parts using welding and brazing processes, a wide range of electrolytic surface treatments, sand and glass bead blasting, and the processing of stainless steel cables.

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