Man and machine: A perfect symbiosis in anodising

BWB Surface Technology convinces its customers with state-of-the-art plant technology and a targeted use of craftsmanship. BWB-Altenrhein AG, for example, has one of the most modern, fully automated coating lines in Europe. While technical coatings such as Heloxal or Harteloxal PTFE are produced automatically throughout, the manual skills of humans are used specifically for applications with optical requirements.

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Daniel Stutz

Sales Manager Industry


To give aluminum components a brilliant metallic shine, more and more customers want E7 Chemical Anodizing Finish. The surface quality depends to a large extent on the brightening process, which must be perfectly matched to the geometry of the components. In the new Glanzmanufaktur, man is superior to the machine. At a transfer station, the fully automated system provides the components to be treated to the surface specialists, who carry out the pretreatment in a skilful manner before the carrier is transferred back into the automated anodizing process. The result is the perfect surface with maximum process reliability.

Manuelle Vorbehandlung für Oberflächenfinish E7 – Chemisch Glänzen


We will be happy to sample on your product the perfect surface in finish E7, which is available in black, blue and red in addition to the natural shade. We look forward to your inquiry and will be happy to advise you!

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