Outstanding team performance at Nehlsen-BWB Flugzeug-Galvanik

Nehlsen-BWB Flugzeug-Galvanik renews NADCAP certificate at pandemic times with flying colors and achieves the leading standard in aviation with top marks. The company passed the stringent requirements for eight chemical processes with 0 deviations.

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Ansprechperson Beitrag

Marcus Kolb

Head of Marketing and Sales


The entire Nehlsen-BWB team helped to realize the top result after 5 days of audit. The preparations were particularly complex due to Covid safety measures: the auditor’s meticulous travel planning with Covid tests before arrival and departure, the wearing of FFP2 respirators, consistent adherence to minimum distances and regular testing of the core team were all part of this year’s certification. The safety concept also included a reduced team size, which required perfectly bundled expertise.

"What a great team performance by the entire Nehlsen-BWB! We are delighted with the outstanding result of the audit with 0 deviations." explains Stefan Kaßner, Project Manager NADCAP at Nehlsen-BWB.

The auditor screened two additional specialty processes to AC7108 and granted Nehlsen-BWB new accreditation for tartaric acid anodizing (TSA) and titanium anodizing. The result of the audit again certifies the high level of quality and extends the NADCAP certificate for another 18 months. Bravo Nehlsen-BWB!

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