Pure brilliance for medical technology

"Plasma polishing is our newest surface treatment. It is used for the highest demands on the quality of the surface and its purity. This particularly gentle process has already convinced a number of Swiss medtech customers," explains Serge Wainsenker, Managing Director of BWB-Ampho.

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Jennifer Nau

Operations Manager


Since spring 2020, BWB-Ampho has been offering the innovative process. The order volume exceeded expectations after commissioning of the plasma polishing system. The process is particularly popular in medical technology, where quality standards are especially high. By means of stable processes in accordance with ISO 13485, these quality requirements are recorded, controlled and continuously improved.

Electrolytic plasma polishing offers various advantages over classic electropolishing in the manufacture of hip joints, for example: “Our customers appreciate the purity of the surface and the geometric fidelity, which is maintained thanks to minimal layer removal. This means that even complex or delicate components can be optimally processed,” says Wainsenker.

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