Successfully completed audit in medical technology

SQS audited the BWB site in La Chaux-de-Fonds for ISO 13485 at the end of April. Bernard Kupferschmid, responsible for quality management, comprehensively prepared BWB-Ampho SA for the audit. Before such an important event, the employees are naturally somewhat tense, but they nevertheless mastered the intensive audit in an exemplary manner.

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The auditor Fabrice Saner examined the workflows of the management, the human resources, the production in the different studios; audited the purchasing, the metrology, the validation as well as the QMS. The level-headed Saner competently guided the Ampho team through the audit.

The one and a half days were extremely constructive for the French-speaking Swiss company: The “minor findings” noted help to constantly improve performance. The FCA would like to express its sincere thanks to all the people involved for their support before and during the audit – thank you for the great team effort.

"Quality and process stability are important to all employees, and BWB-Ampho operates extremely conscientiously," auditor Fabrice Saner concluded.


ISO 13485 BWB-Ampho SA

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