Surface with structure - cast aluminum from the 3D printer

In a joint project, designers Moritz Schmid and Ville Kokkonen are investigating the potential of aluminium sand casting in furniture production. The result is aesthetic seating furniture, which is now on display at the Okro Gallery in Chur.

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Mark Wunderlin

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Aluminum can be formed using a wide variety of processes – be it rolling, forging or pressing. In the “AI 13” project, however, the designer duo is investigating the possibilities and limits of innovative shaping: cast aluminium in sand molds from the 3D printer.

“This method gives us flexibility in the design process and allows us to go from digital design to implementation without any detours,” says Moritz Schmid. “Initial prototypes can be tested and further developed directly in the original material.”

"The decorative coating of cast parts is unusual because the coloring is largely determined by the alloy used. This is why the inherent color of the built-up layer varies in shades of grey of different brightness levels," the plant manager explains the particular challenge. A specific pre-treatment, many years of experience and a sure instinct for anodising have contributed to the high-quality end result in matt black.

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