Surface design

With a suitable surface finish, metals can be visually enhanced and at the same time sustainably protected. BWB specialises in finishing aluminium through anodising, stainless steel through plasma and electropolishing, and a wide variety of materials through wet painting.


Precision on a small and large scale: BWB meets the high optical demands of its clientele from the fields of architecture, design and art – from small parts for the watch industry to large-scale facade sheets.


Colour anodising

Colour anodising creates a protective oxide layer that is coloured throughout. The resulting coating is abrasion-resistant and retains the metallic character of the component, which can be additionally influenced by mechanical and chemical pretreatments. Dive into the world of colours of BWB Surface Technology.


BWB’s range of coatings and colours extends from special coatings to highly weather-resistant fluoropolymer coatings with a self-cleaning effect and all shades of the RAL and NCS colour scale. BWB has its own colour system for architecture, which reproduces the colour shades of the anodised colour chart in wet paint.

Plasma polishing

For the highest shine, BWB offers plasma polishing of stainless steel parts for the watch and jewelry industry. Welds can be cleaned, tarnish removed and surfaces polished in one operation. The parts are thus visually enhanced and protected from corrosion.

References Architecture


With a suitable surface finishing of metals, the colour, gloss and structure can be determined according to the design specifications. At BWB, designers benefit from colour samples, consultations and individual sampling.