Aluminium and stainless steel in product design

Metal components add value to products and are extremely durable. A suitable surface finish ensures that both aesthetic and functional requirements for the components are met.
BWB refines aluminium and stainless steel for various design applications. In addition, we support our customers in the product development and manufacture of aluminium components.

Structure and colour in aluminium

The BWB gives the aluminium the surface it deserves. For industrial design applications, this is a suitable surface texture and colour. BWB finishes aluminium components of all kinds with mechanical and chemical pretreatments and suitable colouring processes.

Mechanical surface finishing

Mechanical and chemical pre- and post-processing produce a wide variety of surface textures: from ground, to silk-matt, to polished surfaces. The process choice depends on the geometry of your part, the alloy, and the appearance you desire.

Colour anodising

Colour anodising creates a protective oxide layer that is coloured throughout. The resulting layer is abrasion resistant and retains the metallic character of the component. Dive into the world of colours of BWB Surface Technology.

Plasma polishing

Are you looking for the pure mirror shine? Then we recommend a conversion to chrome nickel steel with subsequent plasma polishing. During this surface finishing process, weld seams are cleaned, discolourations are removed and surfaces are polished - for the perfect shine

Competence Center for precious metals

The BWB-Ampho factory is located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, in the heart of the Swiss watch industry. As a supplier to the watch and jewelry industry, the plant specializes in the assembly of small parts using welding and brazing processes, a wide range of electrolytic surface treatments, sand and glass bead blasting, and the processing of stainless steel cables.


Colour chart in architecture

Colour chart in industrial design

Suitability chart aluminium alloys