Wheth­er clas­sic in nature, in express­ive green or in time­less anthra­cite tones: With the Col­or Col­lec­tion 01, BWB has expan­ded the exist­ing perma pro­cesses to include the four new, excit­ing col­our nuances of the Per­magrey line. In this way, a multi-faceted archi­tec­ture with excit­ing effects can be designed that pre­serves the nat­ur­al alu­mini­um character.


The BWB’s perma pro­cesses go fur­ther than just the sur­face — the change goes much deep­er. The ingeni­ous immer­sion pro­cess gives the base mater­i­al alu­mini­um last­ing pro­tec­tion. A con­trolled elec­tro­chem­ic­al oxid­a­tion pro­cess takes place in which the alloy­ing ele­ments of the base mater­i­al are firmly integ­rated into the sur­faces. With a lay­er thick­ness of 20 – 25 µm, the res­ult­ing sur­faces defy even the toughest weath­er con­di­tions. The coat­ing pro­cesses are suit­able for any sheet met­al shape and format. Even large formats of up to 6.5 meters can be real­ised. This opens up an almost unlim­ited range of pos­sible uses — includ­ing façade design or in the interior.


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