Musée d’ethnographie de Genève – MEG

Umbenennung des MEG im Dialog


The museum management is currently openly asking for the MEG to be renamed, and the people of Geneva are joining in the discussion. The thinking is that the term 'ethnology museum' has too many connotations with colonial looting, and that purely 'describing peoples' and exhibiting 'exotic' objects does not do the institution justice. Others believe, however, that the museum fits Geneva's multiethnic character, and that it has always been respectful in its handling of cultural collections and their origins.

What all Geneva locals agree on, however, is that the MEG is a permanent fixture of the city and townscape, its complex architecture skilfully referencing the cultural diversity that exists here. Soaring high and tapering into a triangle, the geometric design gives the building its own special charm and uniqueness. The projecting metal roof is reminiscent of a traditional nave, while the interwoven diamond pattern of the aluminium exterior adds an intercultural element. The library on the second floor is worth a visit, featuring double diamonds in a cheerful play of colour patterns, as windows and light reflections.

The museum's architecture is fascinating, as is the current La Bateauthèque installation by artist Marie van Berchem. All visitors are invited to actively engage in the discussion on the possible new focus and renaming until 13 June 2021.

Photos: MEG, B. Glauser

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