Art Intervention by Chris Hunter


The Olten Cantonal School held a public competition to develop artistic interventions that could be used in the buildings as part of the overall renovation. The government council selected the works of two artists: "let's talk about" by Chris Hunter is one of them.

View into the courtyard
Photos: Rachel Bühlmann

Chris Hunter uses shimmering metallic colour strips to play with the amphitheatre in the inner courtyard of the Kantonsschule Olten. Multicoloured anodised aluminium sheets connect the individual concrete steps in a linear pattern. The result is the overall image of a rainbow of flowing colours without clear boundaries. The intervention "let's talk about" thus stands for openness, dynamic opinion formation, flexible thinking, collaboration and fluid gender roles.

In collaboration between artists and the BWB Art Department, artworks are created or existing ones restored. For the realisation, familiar processes are broken and manual work steps are supplemented where necessary.


Insight into production
Photos: BWB Surface technology

Chris Hunter breaks through the anodising process for individual colouring. In doing so, he allows the colours to flow vividly into each other. The result cannot be planned down to the last detail, so unique drawings of the surfaces emerge - each element becomes a one-off.

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