Lift cladding with historic charm


An extraordinary feat of lift-cladding work has been achieved by the company Wyss Aluhit AG on Museggstrasse in Lucerne's old town, inspired by the window grilles of the surrounding buildings – drawing on times past and implemented using the modern technology of CAD design and laser cutting.

All services – from consulting, to design, to installation, are offered in-house by Wyss Aluhit AG. The only time the components leave the Grossmatt production facility in Lucerne is for surface-coating, whether this be anodising or painting/varnishing; the entire aluminium structure was anodised at the BWB factory in Altenrhein in the exquisite shade of BWB-Bronze 4.

Photo Wyss Aluhit AG: The filigree aluminium structure contrasts with the shimmering green Andeer granite.

And it wasn't just aesthetics that posed a particular challenge in this project; the functionality requirements did too. 'We have specially developed a system in which the individual grille elements can be affixed with magnets, ensuring the elements are easy to take out and clean', explains project manager Erwin Barmet.
The new creation was checked meticulously using a mock-up. This model was also anodised in order to enable assessment of the potential colour variations, because the various alloys in the profiles, metal sheets and milled parts can all behave differently during the anodisation process. But the builders were impressed with the results of the sampling.


About Wyss Aluhit AG:
Wyss Aluhit AG specialises in high-quality work across the entire field of metal construction. For lift-building projects, the company developed its own aluminium-profile system to facilitate efficient manufacturing and installation. The sophisticated lightweight construction enables reliable solutions for indoor and outdoor applications, regardless of the lift provider. Not only does this system meet technical standards, but it is also visually impressive, especially with its classy anodised finish.