NADCAP certification

Successful audit thanks to great teamwork


Achieving and maintaining a NADCAP certification involves meeting the strictest requirements. And this is precisely what BWB-Betschart AG once again managed to do in January 2022 in the areas of anodising, hard anodising and chromating. As such, the anodising facility meets the high standards of the international aerospace industry.

At the three-day audit, the American auditor repeatedly mentioned how rare it was to audit such a clean, well-structured anodising plant. There was also praise for BWB-Betschart AG's extraordinary expertise. In the end, only a minor non-conformity was detected, and was remedied within a week.

'The entire BWB team contributed to this excellent outcome', said CEO Josef Horat as he thanked his team for their tireless dedication. This good result means the audit interval has now been extended to two years.

In addition to the Nidwalden-based company, BWB's other locations in Dresden and in the Romanian city of Braşov are also certified in accordance with NADCAP standards and international aerospace standard EN9100, ensuring BWB demonstrates the highest level of aviation expertise in surface technology across Europe.