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In 2018, London-based product designer Tino Seubert designed the 'Anodised Wicker' collection, comprising a stool and bench. Additional colour variants and an armchair have since been added. BWB recently anodised the newest member of the stool family.

Photos: BWB Surface technology

And, despite the technology available, manual work still continues to be applied where necessary. BWB's anodisers even create exceptional, non-standard colours:

Once the protective anodised layer has been established, the aluminium profiles are immersed in a dye bath. The amount of time spent in the bath has a bearing on saturation and thus shade – the longer the bath time, the darker the colour. At Tino Seubert's request, BWB-Purple 340 was turned into the new and paler shade of "BWB Lilac".

"Materials are much more than just a production medium for me. They are an essential part of the concept, and are instrumental in making an object what it is."
Tino Seubert

Seubert's seats are a mix of traditional craftsmanship and industrial production – a bold combination of clinical aluminium and the warm, natural material.

Photo: Tino Seubert

The lilac-coloured stool from the "Anodised Wicker" collection will be on display from 5 February 2022 in the pop-up presentation DesignGalerie @ Museum at the Kunstgewerbemuseum Winterthur.

Further information about the DesignGalerie @ Museum


Photo: BWB Surface technology


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